One common adressbook for a team?

We are a small team and we use a local address book synchronized from/in Thunderbird.
After installing MaiB we discovered that there are two CardDav adress books available: Contacts and Recently Contacted.

Is there a way to use the same Contacts CardDav for all the members of the team?

Any ideas?

I think I looked into this mostly out of curiosity, and maybe found some external tools more for contact management that sync with user mail accounts.

I didn’t figure out a way to do it within MiaB, but there are several features within the server that I haven’t figured out how to use.

I do wonder if it would be possible to do something like create a single, common email account that basically nobody uses for email, then have users sync their accounts with the common account, but I don’t know how different this is from what you are doing already because it still requires the external tool for each user to do the sync.

Yet another option might be a separate Nextcloud server. MiaB uses Nextcloud in a very locked-down configuration for security reasons. I think if you run Nextcloud on a separate server and loosen those restrictions, there is more flexibility in how it can be used.

Hey, @openletter,

We are using the same approach with one email account. Until now we used the addressbook syncroniser from Thunderbird, which needs an IMAP account. So we created a contacts@ourserver.xx and used it like this. However it takes some time to set it up and you cannot use the infoo outside Thunderbird.

Now I am testing the same approach with the same user BUT with the CardDAV protocol. It seams to be ok bt still you need to use a separate account.

If we could figure out an idea to have an account as master for the addressbook and just replicate that file to all, it would be great. You would be able to used this solution independent of the client (we also use BlueMail for Android)

Is there anything useful in MiaB Nextcloud interface? I know there is a share feature, but I haven’t done anything with it, at all.

Another option might be to install a separate Roundcube server. Roundcube in MiaB is also very locked down, and Roundcube can be installed to work using IMAP, but there may be a plugin to some how allow shared address books. I have a feeling given the number of devs and admins who have to deal with these problems there is somewhere out there a self-hosted solution, as that seems to be what you are looking for.

There is something with share in Nextcloud… Not so friendly but should be useful. I will give it a try first to see what works and what not!

I could make the main addressbook in one account and share it with the others, read only.

We will deploy this and come back with an answer!

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We tested the solution and it is ok.

We setup up multiple addressbooks on one account (the master) and set write access for some accounts (caretakers) and readonly for all others.

It works fine, no addon needed to be installed in Thunderbird. You can setup the sync time. Also works fine with the roundcube installation.

We have used the import of contacts from the web interface (cloud/contacts). It ran faster.

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Did your solution require unlocking the Nextcloud admin?

No, I did not know there was this option.

We set up an account and opened the There we created one addressbook in which we uploaded the contacts.

After, from settings in the bottom left, we used the share function on the addressbook:

And we entered the accounts with readonly or write enabled
like this (note that the accounts to share with must exist on the server, you cannot just enter emails):

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Unlocking the admin account is considered an unsupported modification. Nextcloud in MiaB is the most minimal install to permit the contacts and calendar functions to work.

If you create a new topic for your configuration, I would add it to the Guides category, as I suspect others will be looking for this solution and it uses the installed options without modifications.

Fortunately the admin account was not needed.

Yes, this topic should be a guide. It may be useful for small organizations/teams. How should we do it?

If you can create a new topic and starting from the beginning work through each step, similar to what is already in the category, that would be great.

What category do you suggest?

Guides, but I’m not sure if you can select that one. If not, I can change it.

Cannot select guides!

That’s fine. Just post it to some other category and I can change it after it is posted.

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