Older version installation

Hello guys is there an easy way to install older version of mailinabox , please I need the command and tutorial video

You probably need to provide more information, such as which version you want to install.

Also, if you let us know the problem you are trying to resolve, we may be able to provide an improved method to solving your problem.

Thanks for your reply am trying to install version v0.30 (January 9, 2019), Please help

I have already downloaded the version v0.30 am I going to upload it? please help

You have a version that only installs to Ubuntu 14.04.

Someone more familiar can likely provide some assistance, but this isn’t like installing an older version of Microsoft Office or something. That is why I asked what problem you are trying to solve.

i prefer the older version, please kindly help me

I have digital ocean port 25 open…how can I install an older version on it please help

You simply will not be able to use an older version. I am sorry. It is not going to work. @gmodwizard

May I ask why you want to though? Perhaps there is something that someone here can help you with to reach whatever goal you have.