Number of MiaB Installations?

Anybody have an idea of the number of MiaB installations running?

more than 1, but less than 1,000,000?

Edit: Definitely more than 1 for sure.

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I believe it’s a few hundred.

Whenever anyone does an installation or upgrade, the curl .... | bash step requests a file on the Mail-in-a-Box website, and I scan the site’s logs for those requests and look at the unique IP addresses to get a sense of how many boxes are out there.

(I keep aggregates (it’s actually displayed on, but I don’t do anything else with this information, and the logs are rotated so the raw data with IP addresses disappears after a few weeks/months.)


My first post here. First of all, what an amazing job!

Today, I would say 15,036-ish boxes running: some paranoids might have modified the postfix banner.

Also shodan not always perfect, but it can give an idea.


Wow, that is amazingly cool!

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A-ha! So that’s what the Nigerian prince uses…

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