NSD daemon fails to log into /var/log directory

Hi there!

I have upgraded my box to the v64 after updating the VPS to the 22.04 LTS. Immediately I have noticed that the NSD daemon fails to write to /var/log directory.

It seams the issue is related to two missing configuration actions:

  • nsd is not in the syslog group
  • the nsd.service file does not list /var/log as writable directory for the process

I have added the nsd to the syslog group and modified the /lib/systemd/system/nsd.service file. I have also added package divertion for that file.

Is it worth creating a patch and a pull request? Or am I missing something and it was by design not a bug?

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Would you be so kind as to open an issue on Github? @slawek-k

The developers check there much more frequently than here for issues. Thanks!

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