Ns1.box pingability.com error

Although my box status report shows no issues, a report from pingability.com shows an error
SOA Info
Info Type Message
Heads-up SOA default TTL is set to 1 day. The recommended setting is between 1 and 3 hours (3600 seconds and 10800 seconds).
Information The serial number for this domain is xxxxxxxxx. This looks like the format recommended by RFC1912 of YYYYMMDDnn where nn is the daily revision number.
Information SOA retry time is set to 1 day. This is the time a nameserver will wait before trying to contact the master server after a failure. It should be more than 2 minutes, but not more than a few hours.
Is this pingability report relevant? If so how do I rectify the issue

Possibly. I am not a DNS guru when it comes to SOA.

My suggestion is to ask this and open an issue on GitHub where the project devs can review and take action.