NS issues after installation

Hey all,

Currently trying to get MIAB running on a .al domain on DigitalOcean. Right now, the nameservers in my registrar are set to the default ns1/ns2/ns3.digitalocean.com, with my DigitalOcean domain set up as such:

Just wondering if this is the correct way to go about it, as I seem to be having DNS lookup issues when trying to access the admin panel after installation.


Although incomplete what you have there looks good to the extent that it can be checked for accuracy.

How long ago did you set the name servers with the registrar?

If you wish to PM your domain name, I can check DNS closer.

Are ns1.box.example.al and ns2.box.example.al at the same IP address? I doubt that’s causing your issue, but it’s definitely unnecessary. You really only need ns1.box.example.al, then use ns1.digitalocean.com as your secondary.

Also, from what you’ve posted, you’re missing an MX record at DO.

It doesn’t work that way … DO is not a secondary DNS provider.

Hrm. Seems to work just fine for my install:

Nameservers are set correctly at registrar. [ns1.box.example.org; ns1.digitalocean.com]
Secondary nameserver ns1.digitalocean.com resolved the domain correctly.

I am going to be busy until late in the week for more than a quick check of the forum and a quick response … but I checked your domains months ago and there were issues. The issues were not fatal, but there were issues. So unless you have changed things up since then…

We can take this to PM and I will elaborate. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget your AAAA records. I highly recommend being IPv6-ready.

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