Notifications upon email arrival?

I’d like to connect my desktop and phone clients to Mail-in-a-box and receive a notification there once an email arrives, much like Gmail and so on.

Is this possible? Or is it something that’s not supported by bare email technology?

It is supported by MiaB, but YMMV based on the tools used. I find the default Android Mail app and Thunderbird to be very reliable with this.

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If you go to the admin page of your mailinabox, then click on ‘Mail & Users’ in the top bar, the first item in the dropdown menu is ‘Instructions’ - it will tell you how to do this and all of the values you will need to enter in your mail clients if autodetect fails.

Your apps will connect to MIAB, but notifications you will have to set-up in the respective app. They are usually “on” by default.

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