Not reviving emails from outside the box

Hello. I have been using MIB for over a month and have been liking it and it has been working perfectly. About a week ago I have stop receiving emails from all addresses. I have looked and all my stuff is up to date and I’m using Cloudflare for DNS. This is the error I’m getting in eerror when trying to send to my box with gmail. The mail server is running behind

The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Learn more at [ 2a06:98c1:3120::: timed out] [ 2a06:98c1:3121::: timed out] [ timed out] [ timed out]

The one thing I noticed is that this is a cloudflare IP and not my mail server IP but I don’t know if that is normal.

Do you mean that all DNS is being served by Cloudflare, including sending server domain?

All of my DNS is done thru cloudflare. All my email stuff runs off one box. I can still send emails. I think that is the answer that you are looking for but if not please let me know as I don’t fully understand what you are asking.

By default, MiaB configures itself to be its own DNS server. If you use an external DNS for everything, you have to use the settings in listed on the ‘External DNS’ page of the dashboard.

I am used the settings that are on that page and listed as required and stuff like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. Is there anything else I would need to add? Also all status checks pass under the section

100% of the records listed on that page that relate to mail or mail-related records. (e.g., your home page a record does not need to be what is listed on that page, but your mail server domain a record does).

My recommendation is don’t use Cloudflare for DNS on your sending domain. It doesn’t serve a useful purpose since MiaB has to expose its public IP address to work as intended.

The likely cause of the error reported by Google is that there is no mx record for your domain.

I am wondering how the DNSSEC checks pass since the domain is unsigned, which MiaB should report as an error on the status checks.

I solved it! I overlooked the section in the status checks and I just went back and looked at it and found that the MX record was configured for receiving email thru the subdomain and not the root domain. Changing that fixed it. Thanks for the awesome super fast support and all the help.

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Glad to help.

You might consider using a second domain that is only for MiaB. That way the MiaB scripts are completely managing the server, so all you have to worry about is configuring other domains. Using external DNS for the MiaB domain is a bit more headache.

I use a separate domain for my own install and I really don’t do anything with it as it “just works”.

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