Not possible two records NS with same IP on .IT domains

I have a mail in a box on .cloud domain and it work perfect! :slight_smile:
The system of using 2 record Ns with the same IP work perfect.
I tried to use mailinabox on .it domain but the policy of that domain makes strict control and they do not accept 2 record dns with the same IP.
There is something I can do or is better if I change domain?
Thanks in advance


Hi @Gaetano

Of course, changing domain is one option but you also have the option of using a secondary DNS provider in conjunction with your instance of MiaB. Please see the guide that I have written here:

Would you be kind enough to link me to this restriction, so that I can make an update to the setup guide?

The NIC requires that domain name based NS have different IP addresses.

By submitting the exchange request, the following error is answered:
(2306 = Parameter value policy error 7002 = Duplicate IP addresses):

How can you check on:

the error is returned because "Response to a Create / Update Domain command whose execution
it fails because the same IP address was specified multiple times for different hosts. "

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Thank you for providing this. :slight_smile: