Non-existent "TLSA Records" (DANE) for naked domain name ""


I wonder if there is any chance to add certificate that would correspond to TLSA record for the naked domain name.

I am using ADD-ON in Firefox that would display if DNSSEC/TLSA are set properly.

But at the moment when I go to “” DNSSEC and TLSA are set properly,
but when I go to “” (which is easier) then I would get “Non-existent TLSA Record”.

It is shorter to type “” rather than “”

So would it be possible to create as well TLSA record for naked domain name “”?
Is it possible to create TLSA record for naked domain name “”?

Allow users to add (create as well) DNS TLSA RR record (for HTTPS) in Custom DNS section if not AUTOMATED

I found this article

that explains how to generate DNS TLSA records (DANE)

but when looking at the certificate /home/user-data/ssl/
there is two in that file, which cert is it, the top one or bottom?


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