No mail coming to inbox

I’m guessing there is not much I can do, but thought I’d ask.

I received some account info for a game license at email address

I am able to log into the account but there are no email messages. When I send something from my business account to this email I again have nothing showing up in the inbox or junk.

I do not own or manage the address, so I’m assuming whoever does is not keeping up on maintenance? Is there any workaround to getting emails to this account? I wanted to compose an email to see if it would at least push out something, but there is no “compose” tab on the left menu unless I click on “contacts” or “settings”. When I do click on the compose icon I get an error stating “no file found” “Failed request:”

Again I don’t have to send anything so this isn’t a big deal, but no email is coming to this account. Not sure if it can be forwarded some how or if I’m pretty much SOL. hah

Thanks for any support.

If you don’t own the server then how do you have an email address on that system? Do you know the owner? Could you contact them as a starting point?

Did you fix this, I’m having a similar issue where I’m trying to log into an Xbox account I’ve purchased but it wants proof in the owner via them emailing a security code but no emails come through.

It is a mail server used by a company the company I buy game licenses from. So twice removed from me. They no longer have contact with their supplier either, so I’m assuming I have no ability to get these emails. HarviiKing - no luck