No Authenticated results headers in mail sent internally

Hi Josh

I’m a Virgin Media subscriber and they’ve just introduced a feature to warn users when DMARC/DKIM/SPF checks fail.

The warnings are contingent on having Authenticated-Results headers in the email source.

This is fine when email comes from outside the server - e.g. Netflix twitter etc. However when the mail is sent from one domain on the server to another then these headers are absent.

For example the message that is automatically sent to appraise you of the status checks.

When I am viewing the mail from within Virgin Media’s webmail system this results in the following message.
Virgin Media are currently reviewing the system as it actually warns about forwarded mail with a DMARC pass but an SPF fail
With the latter warning actually blocking images from the users.

While I appreciate this is a unique situation created by Virgin Media’s webmail system - is there any way of getting Authenticated-Results: headers added to mail delivered from one domain on the same box to another?

Thanks in advance.


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