Nginx slowing and stopping every few days

My MiaB setup has been basically rock solid for a very long time. However, now I seem to be having nginx issues. Very slow response in roundcube and in the admin screens. This leads to an eventual timeout. Restarting the server or just restarting nginx is enough to clear it.

This issue has been random ever since I migrated several gigs of email from closing out my free google workspaces accounts just a few months ago. The difference being I seem to have this issue every few days.

Any pointers at what I should be looking for?

Assuming you checked the nginx logs? Any clues there?


what about roundcube specific logs


Unfortunately no errors for a few hours prior to nginx timing out.

Roundcube shows no errors for the last 48 hours.

Access logs are chock full of caldav timeouts that’s the only thing unusual to me.

Can I ask what server specs you have?


How much free space?

Just a data point that may lead to something … how much in terms of storage space did you migrate, and for how many users over how many domains?


It’s a t3a.micro instance on EC2. I am up to 65 GB of volume size with 6.52GB of free space. I ended up migrating 5-6GB of data into the server. No issues over the weekend or this morning.

Looks like I have 68 email accounts setup but only 18 are really used for around 2000 emails a week. My rough estimates say I have increased my volume by 25% since the migration.

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