Nextcloud updater url blocked by nginx (403 error)

I’m trying to update Nextcloud from 20.0.8 to 20.0.14. Nextcloud doesn’t support version 20.0.8 anymore, but that’s the version mailinabox is currently using.
In the nextcloud admin page the link to open the updater is:

but this returns a 403 Forbidden response from nginx. I’m assuming I just need to edit the nginx configs to allow this url. I’ve tried looking through /etc/nginx/conf.d/local.conf and /home/willow/mailinabox/conf/nginx-primaryonly.conf, but I’m not seeing that url blacklisted anywhere. Anyone know what I need to do? I’m not sure how mailinabox installs nextcloud or how I would need to update it.

Nextcloud versions are managed by MiaB project, directly. If you want to run a version other than what MiaB comes with, you will either be on your own to make it work or you can submit changes to the project for inclusion into the next version of MiaB.

I understand it’s not officially supported. I’m just hoping that some other mailinabox user has figured out how to update nextcloud without waiting for a new mailinabox release. I’m currently stuck at the 403 error.

You might also try posting to the slack channel.