Nextcloud contacts not syncing with Roundcube contacts

I’m not sure if it is supposed to work like that, the Nextcloud contacts are not showing at the Roundcube (it’s called Owncloud there) Contacts.

I suppose the author either found out the solution or have up so I’ll leave it here for those wondering:

It takes time to sync NextCloud contacts to the Roundcube. A few hours in my case. But they do sync.

how much time does it take? I run it 6 months now lol

Probably a bit too long in your case.

Sorry to necropost but there did not seem to be any resolution to this. Please let me know if should start a new thread.

I recently got NextCloud working but my users and I are noticing that NextCloud contact changes are not propagating to Roundcube. Is this a common problem? Is there some known way to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

So is there any understanding as to why in some instances, contacts do not sync between NextCloud and roundcube? Are there any log files that would be useful for debugging purposes?

IIRC the two do not ‘sync’ but each is maintained separately from the other.


Hmm. I thought that was the whole point of the “carddav” plugin? I have nothing in the “Personal Addresses” and all of my contacts in “ownCloud (Contacts)”. I made some changes from the NextCloud web interface but they still show up as they were before the change on roundcube.

We are trying to move the contact to nextcloud but it doesn’t work


I see the same behavior and have meant to bring this up for a while.
When I first set up MiaB I did see contacts sync over, but I then deleted all my contacts (from Roundcube and NextCloud) and recreated them. At that point, nothing ever synced over again.

I also use a second user mostly dedicated for contact syncing now and it’d be nice to to get those synced as well. I’m rarely using the web interface without some other way to access contact list, but it’d still be nice to get those synced and available.

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Hi, I had the same issue after deleting and recreating a contact group in nextcloud. The following solved it:

  • ssh to box
  • stop php service
  • delete roundcude database ($STORAGE_ROOT/mail/roundcube/roundcube.sqlite)
  • run mailinabox to have the setup script re-create the db & restart everything

The nextcloud contacts synchronized instantaneously when I reconnected to the webmail.

Clearly not ideal but at least I got the contacts back.
This will probably reset settings you might have changed in the roundcube interface however (haven’t tested this thoroughly). No issues with any emails / drafts however as roundcube is just a front-end for those.