Nextcloud Calendar Remiders and Notifications not working

I have researched this online and can only find that versions <9 did not support this at all. Does Mail-in-a-Box have this functionality?

Issue -
Create a calendar event and set the remindeer
No email, sound, or popup when specified as the reminder.

I checked the config and found it did not contain the loopback address of for sendmail so I added that. Still no luck.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

That doesn’t look like a resolution, as for the reminder, make sure that on the device that needs to get it, that it is actively syncing the calendar. Outlook by default is ever 15 minutes (or 5 I cannot remember off the top of my head)

I am using the web app only. Nothing is emailed and the notifications do not pop.

What browser are you using? Notifications in browser only work in Chrome and FF afaik.

Let me clarify. I only care about the email reminder. How can I get that to work? It sends no email.

I only mentioned the others because that was odd, but makes sense since I use Firefox.

You might want to try this: And reset notifications if possible.

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