Nextcloud calendar email notifications

It seems I am not getting any email notifications for my calendar events. Is correctly configured by default and supposed to work?

Hello, can anyone shed some light on this? @JoshData?

I am not sure if thats a feature, but maybe check out

I found this:

But I assumed this should be configured by default by mailinabox?

Is there anyone who has an answer?

I believe you’d need to get Nextcloud Admin access to set this up:

OK, so it is not configured by default? Would that not be a nice improvement? @JoshData

Pretty much just the basic calendar and contacts functions are there and working quite well; that seems to be plenty for most installs (and over kill for more than a few users!).
If you want to implement it, you’ve got instructions to do so. Not sure that this is a worthwhile thing to implement for every user, mostly because it would require opening up the admin panel to modify it.

Modifications are not supported, which is why the admin account is not enabled by default. this also happens to add a nice layer of security too.

That said the helper script is just there for those troubleshooting, or looking to add something to Nextcloud, however still not supported.

OK, thank you.
One other thing: If I change something via the admin panel, will these changes revert back with a update of MailinaBox?

They will not revert unless MIAB reinstalls it. (However Updates to MIAB will overwrite changes to other configurations like nginx and postfix.)

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