Nextcloud alternative

@JoshData You may wish to pay a look at Nextcloud as a potential alternative to ownCloud, perhaps, when getting ready for Ubuntu 16.04 (Not sure if MiaB could live together with MySQL & PHP7 in the future)


Edited 161009-1454 UTC: Supports SQLite, too

There are several issues on github opened about that:✓&q=is%3Aopen%20nextcloud%20

Ok! added to the Replace ownCloud with something more stable one now.

Commenting here since all the Github issues are locked…

Just performed the nextcloud upgrade that’s currently sitting on master… Everything went without a hitch. Great work!

I spent some more time looking at DAViCal since NextCloud still makes me uncomforatble… There seem to be issues like that imply its interop isn’t as wide as NextCloud.

So… NextCloud does seem to be the most appropriate. For now.