New version of Mail-in-a-Box is available. You are running version v0.54. The latest version is v55

My MIAB shows that new version is available, so just checking what are the changes but

shows latest release - v0.53 (April 12, 2021)

Yes I know it’s community project :slight_smile:

Anyone knows what the changes are, and where to find them?

Change log in the GitHub repository just updated yesterday.


Thank you, I found this as well:

No problem. Looks to be some very useful changes under the hood, so to speak, as well as some nice control panel enhancements and moving to the just released Roundcube 1.5

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Yes, just upgraded, no problems all running well :slight_smile:

All credit to Josh and the handful of core contributors. Thanks all.


Congrats on finally dropping the v0. :slight_smile:


Ditto on dropping the V.0. Perhaps I will donate to the “Human Fund” now. Seriously, I will think of someway of giving back, because this project has been a tremendous gift for me. Thanks to all involved.

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Completed update to v55 yesterday. All went smoothly with no errors whatsoever.

Thanks again for great mail server for those of us wishing to remain independent.

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