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Hello everyone, we’re ready to set up Mail in a Box the first time, went through the instructions and think got most of it down, but have a couple of questions yet: 1) We already have a domain with a website running for a few years, can I tie the MIB emails to this already existing domain or does MIB need a domain of its own? Also, 2) How many email addresses can be setup with MIB? Currently we use seven (7) with our website.

Thank you, excited to get this going!

Yes, you can use MIAB for email on your existing domain. It does not need a domain of its own. You can also keep your DNS you have now and just point the specific DNS records to your MIAB server. I have at least 30 people on one server right now with no issues. Although I think my server is rather large.

4CPU,8GB RAM, 500GB SSD DISK > self hosted.

Great, thank you Chris, I’ll get started on this soon then.

Thanks to everyone for offering me this type of platfrom

You can use your existing domain, not a problem though in some cases it actually makes sense to use a separate domain. Also, as @stylnchris mentions it may be preferable to continue to use the existing DNS provider, or not. It is all a matter of the fine details. @BladeWebmaster

Either way, your set up will be slightly different than the guide shows. So keep this in mind.

Thanks for the info Alento, I am just reading the setup guide to get started today. Yes, the main reason we’re doing this is because some blacklist company known as a scam ( put our website/emails on their list because someone else is using their emails for spamming at the same web/mail hosting company. We would like to keep the existing web hosting for the website (it would be too much work to move) but we need a different mail server yet keeping the existing email addresses.

I am getting started with the setup …

So guess what? Signed up at Linode, setup Ubuntu, checked the IP and already listed at this cybercriminal money extortionist blacklisting company called Since that defeats the purpose of setting this up, I just sent a request to Linode to give us a clean IP. Hope this happens otherwise this is a lost cause again. … : frowning:

May I suggest Vultr? Seems others have had good luck with them…

One of our admins also offers a full service at

AWS lightsail could also be a thing but might be tricky to unblock SMTP outbound.

On which level UCEProtect 1, 2, or 3? If level 3 you can ignore it as absolutely nobody uses that RBL.

That would be me, and more specifically AnyMXRelay is what is being mentioned. Thanks for the mention @stylnchris

I talked to support at Linode and says this blacklist organization is a know scam and most everyone ignores them so we’re safe, we can also contact the if any of our email bounces back.

So … next step, this is kind of confusing maybe someone can help, says to change the DNS record at the current domain registrar for the existing domain but if I do that our website will go down. I guess I am not sure what to do here. Current step where I am is just installed Ubuntu 18.4 at Linode. Thanks for any help and clarifications.

Can you join the MiaB Slack ? @BladeWebmaster

It all depends on what your current DNS setup is and what you want it to be … will you please PM me your domain name so I can see what you are currently doing?

Might want to consider a Ubuntu 22.04 now :slight_smile:

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