New server emails go to spam

Hi! I recently moved my old MailInABox install to a new server as the lets encrypt service was broken on that version of ubuntu (14).

I’ve since migrated onto ubuntu 18 with the latest version of MIAB and have found no end of issues with all emails hosted there seeming going to spam when sending… I can only presume the new server has inherited a bad IP from a previous user (I’m hosting with Digital Ocean), but 2 months in I’m still struggling with emails going directly to receivers spam folders… any advice would be appreciated.

Is this an IPv4 or IPv6 address?

Have you verified you are not on any blacklists, with such tools as

Is there anything in the MiaB status checks to indicate any problems?

Have you checked the entries in /var/log/mail.log to see if the receiving servers are leaving you any messages during the transaction?

Is there anything in the message headers of the recipient emails?

Have you tried using the various tools at and

I got this from

Uceprotect is an extortion racket.

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HA! Anything I can do there? Also MIAB admin shows only this issue which ive not been able to resolve… MTA-STS policy is missing: STSFetchResult.NONE

This is likely for an external DNS domain. You have to add the A record for (as instructed in the ‘External DNS’ page), then provision a certificate, and then MiaB status checks will tell you to create a TXT record for

I’m not aware of a way to deal with uceprotect, perhaps others can chime in on that.

Think I’ve done all that but maybe no correcty as its not working … :frowning: I’ve also written to my Hosting Service provder about the IP ranges as uceprotect indecate that its an IP on the host that is the issue… FFS

Digital Ocean is well aware, and they will do nothing, sorry.

Please PM me your MiaB hostname and one of the domains it is hosting and let me do some poking around. Also did you do the test?

Yeah, use those mail testing websites. They’re very helpful. And ignore UCE, nobody but people that get kickbacks from it care about it. It’s always strange seeing seemingly legitimate websites list the UCE blocklist as if it matters, but then you remember they make money from the fearmongering.

Those links were super useful thank you! I had a couple of things to sort out… The hosting IP range issue could not be resolved though and got a support ticket back form Digital Ocean saying they can’t and won’t help in email matters and suggests to use outlook or gmail…!!! FFS.

So I also wonder if there is any hosts that do care? And if not, is self hosted email over??

Yeah, DigitalOcean ultimately seems to not want anyone to use their VPS’ as mail servers, so they take the stance of not doing anything about blocks. It’s essentially on yourself to get your specific IP whitelisted within the range that’s blocked. I use DO as well and wish they cared more about it, but it’s understandable why they don’t (way too much abuse happens mail servers).

I think Linode cares a little more? I don’t remember. I’m sure others around here can suggest a couple of other providers that will work a little more with you.

The best thing to do is to always check your IP after you spin up a new VPS; make sure it’s as clean as it can be before developing it. It took me probably 10 tries to get a clean IPv4 address on DO for my MiaB install. Then once you get the cleanest one you can, get removed off any blocklists like Outlook. You should stay off them as long as your IP doesn’t spam. Hold onto it like an asset, so you don’t have to go through the process again.

I haven’t had a single negative experience with Vultr, and other customers have reported the same.

No, self hosted email is far from over — but it is more and more challenging every day.

Sadly, you have to play whack a mole to find a provider which has a nice clean IP address to use. You’ll need to be ever vigilant with your IP reputation. Alternatively, you can use a SMTP relay service similar to MailChannels, etc. Sadly, those services are overrun with spammers as well who flock to their ‘free’ offerings, so unless you pay a premium, you are not going to be helped much their either.

To help fellow Mail-in-a-Box users, I have teamed up with a commercial ESP to provide a low cost, no reports, no frills SMTP relay. Read more about it here:

Hey, I’m using Linode and they have been super.

I cannot stress enough: ensure your glue records and reverse DNS are set correctly before asking for the required ports to opened (25, 53, 587, 465 is what I have).

If you have trouble with block listings for spam you should ask for / set your static IP’s incl. IPv6 (may require support ticket) and try to follow the required steps to remove your domains from the blocked lists as per their instructions.

Also, UCE are a bunch of palookas and they must be burn’t with fire. Scam listings IMO.

Hey, I have hosted my box on DigitalOcean before and had the same issue. As the others already said, they won’t really help until you lie to them. Don’t tell them that you want them to change the IP, because of your emails going into the spam folder. Tell them you need to change the IP Address for some security reason, that you are not confident to disclose. But in the end you should think about switching providers. I’ve had email servers on Hetzner (my favorite hoster), Linode and Vultr and always had a great experience.

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