New interest in hosting our own mails

Hello everyone, new to Mail in a Box. We are looking to host our mail server due to a blacklising group called UCEProtect putting our emails (by IP) on their list because someone at the mail host service provider used their email for spamming. We want to get away from getting punished for someone else’s problem, is this a good app to avoid this or is this app still uses the hosting IP so installing it would not solve this problem? This is important for us because we conduct international business and we don’t want to get interrupted for days because of a careless ignorant cyber criminal organization like UCEProtect.

Thank you!

Mail-in-a-Box (MiaB) creates a complete mail server from any fresh install of Ubuntu Server 18.04.

The UCEProtect problem you refer to is based on the IP address the server is using and outside of anything related to the server, itself.

UCEProtect is generally considered to be an extortion scam because they require to be paid money in order to be kept off of the list. Most people ignore it.

In any case, if your goal is to not be on their list, you have to find an IP address that is not in an IP address block range on their list.

For this you will get various responses from different users, but for me I’ve been using Vultr and never had a problem related to being on any lists, including UCEProtect.

Thank you for the reply Openletter, yes we also complained to various internet crime reporting organizations and interestingly we also labeled UCEProtect as a ‘money extortioning group’ ourselves - must be true. We continue reporting them to more groups, the more people do it the better so we encourage others to do so as well.

Sounds like MiaB is a good solution for us just as I thought, I will discuss it with my team and in the mean time reading manuals and looks like there are also a few setup guide videos on YouTube as well. Great to see that someone has a good solution to get around cyber criminals.

Thank you again and probably going to be here with a few questions depending how the setup will go.

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Note that some of the videos are rather dated at this point so my recommendation is to use the guides at the project site:

Thank you!

There are also some user’s showing videos setting it up (ex: How to Run an Email Server with Mail-in-a-Box (on a VPS) - YouTube), fairly recent, I’m sure I’ll be able to at least get most of it completed, but be back when I get stuck. Thank you again!