New installation: MIAB sets up subdomain instead of TLD

Hi all

This is my second MIAB installation. My TLD is

This time around, MIAB configured DNS serving instead of

I added an email address for and MIAB DNS is now serving as well as

I would like to only serve the TLD


The way that your MiaB did this is the way that it is supposed to do this.

I suspect that when you set up your first MiaB installation, your domain name was a more standard second level domain as there is absolutely nothing wrong with how this one is set up.

Keep in mind that the nature of your domain having a third level domain may be the reason for this.

Again, this is perfectly normal.

Your MiaB will not function properly if it does not serve the subdomain which includes the hostname. You do not have to use any email addresses with the fourth level domain name if you do not wish to publicly.

Apologies, I should have been more clear. I have no problem with MiaB serving the hostname of the box; my problem is treating the entire box name as a separate subdomain.

/etc/nsd/zones/ lists two domains:…{txt | txt.ds | txt.ds.signed}
as well as{txt | txt.ds | txt.ds.signed}

Shouldn’t,, be served as part of the TLD? It works that way on my other MiaB installation?

Gonna jump in here.

I’m not sure if there is a problem or just an assumption about a problem. If the only issue that you’re seeing is that there’s an extra file in /etc/nsd/zones, it may be that that file is left around from a previous configuration and isn’t being used.

It’s always helpful to start by saying what an observable problem is, e.g. what command you are running that isn’t producing expected output or what action you are taking that is giving an error message or unexpected result.

Hi Josh. Just being overly cautious I guess. :slight_smile:

I was puzzled as to why the two installations handled DNS differently and wanted to make sure I had not omitted some crucial test. What prompted this is that the admin account defaulted to me@box.tld instead of me@tld

But you are quite correct; there’s no visible problem, and everything seems to be working as advertised. Thanks all for taking time to respond.

That was my initial impression some 3-4 years ago but MiaB lists the zone separately for the hostname of the box. Odd, imho too but I have just come to accept it.

Why that didn’t happen with your other install is a mystery to be honest.

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