New gTLD marked as spam

Hi! I have a .cat domain but any mails keep going to spam on gmail and outlook. (haven’t tried yahoo)

Has anyone been able to get it into the inbox if they had this issue? Is it because it’s a gTLD?

New domains operated by small servers generally take some time to be trusted. It could be that that’s the case for the tld or that it is just a new domain. I have some domains that are “old” and some new, most of them have occasional issues with gmail.

Did you check you IP if it’s blacklisted?

Alright, it is a new domain (under a week old registered).
I wouldn’t see why it would be blacklisted but is there a way to check?

It’s not the domain that would be blacklisted but the IP address. You can check here under blacklist:

Ah alright, I just checked and it is not blacklisted.

Try this blacklist:

This one sometimes blacklists newly registered domains.

Hmm…the domain is listed in SEM-FRESH10/15/30. Perhaps I will just wait that out then!