New domain added but nsd file created with no read rights - possible bug?


It took me a while to find out what caused the problem but… I just added 2nd domain to my box. I created user and the domain was added to nsd service. All was alright. Until I decided that I don’t want to fill all the domain entries on the page I bought it so I redirected my main and my 2nd domain to the box. I glued the domain to IP address on my main and it successfully configured itself. I didn’t have success with the second domain.

Turns out, the file for the domain was created and is correct at /etc/nsd/zones BUT it had 600 rights, while my main domain and box.domain had 644 rights. The nsd service couldn’t read it and it couldn’t get propagated. I just edited rights to 644 for that domain files and few minutes later 90%+ servers correctly found out all entries, ip addresses, my box, my name server etc.

Could you please take a look at the domain entries creation and make sure they are created with the correct rights? I think it’s a simple fix once you find it in the code. I’m also not sure if I’m alone with the issue or it happened to other people. I noticed in changelogs that there were changed made to DNS stuff in v43 and v44, so it might be a bug introduced in one of these.