New Control Panel Theme

Hello all,

I’ve found a nice theme from BlackTie and thought it could fit well for the MIAB Control Panel, the theme is licensed under CCA 3.0 so I adapted it and now everything works as expected.

For the preview:

If some of you are interested I can provide the files, the install is very easy !

Josh: If you are interested I can submit a PR



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Hi, Jack.


It looks nice, really nice. I want to avoid adding copyrighted content into the project, though. The rest of Mail-in-a-Box is in the public domain to maximize the potential for reuse. So maybe we can adapt some of the ideas from that theme without actually reusing anything directly?

I haven’t looked at the source to figure out what you did, but I want to note that I’m much more concerned about maintainability than looks, so it’s important that the cosmetic changes don’t increase the complexity of the project. I can’t evaluate that until I know more about what changes were involved though.

Thanks again.

Hi Josh,

Thanks for your comment.

About the license, I understand it may be a problem… Still the js plugins and the framework are open source so yes we could use most of the ideas.

I also understand that maintainability is a priority, that’s why I tried to keep it in the same scheme as the current theme, so here are the changes:

I added a total of 5 files:

on CDN:

  • 2 js: plugins
  • 1 css: font-awesome


  • 1 js: Some MISC code for the theme
  • 1 js: a plugin for the menu (no CDN available, but it can be merged with the MISC one)
  • 1 js: MIAB custom file (was inline)
  • 1 css: main style (was inline)

For those local files, I created a dir “files” in “templates” and include them with {% include “path/file” %} so that it’s cleaner to maintain than inline.

And then I changed the content of index.html and login.html - that’s it.

If you want to take a look at the files, let me know.



Isn’t CCA = Creative Commons? I mean I mix up my acronyms a lot but isn’t that it?
Also, I love the interface, may I get it?

Yes CCA is Creative Commons Attribute, so the license is very flexible…

If you want to try the theme:

# First move to the templates dir
cd ~/mailinabox/management/templates/

# Second, backup the current theme
mv index.html backup.index.html
mv login.html backup.login.html

# Third, download the files, and unzip them

# Done !

Sadly, the file has been removed … :frowning:

Yeah, I need this reuploading, lovely looking theme. Please :smile:

yeah, file corrupted ( it can’t be unzip / untar)… Some one has a copy of it?
Thanks in advance, Rgrds.

I had some troubles with my MIAB so I didn’t stick with it and deleted the theme, the only backup I have needs some work (it’s not the latest) so instead I went with a new theme based on AdminLTE which is open-source

How do i install this. I need this. Looks so amazing, Same installation as previous post but to zip of current project?

NOTE: I’ve only tested it on v0.12c

To install it:

# First move to the templates dir
cd ~/mailinabox/management/templates/

# Second, backup the current theme
mv ./index.html ./backup.index.html
mv ./login.html ./backup.login.html

# Third, download the files, and unzip them
unzip ./

# Done !

to uninstall it:

# First move to the templates dir
cd ~/mailinabox/management/templates/

# Second remove the theme files
rm -r ./assets ./index.html ./login.html

# Third restore backup files
mv ./backup.index.html ./index.html
mv ./backup.login.html ./login.html

# Done !

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Works perfect! Thanks!


+1 Love it man. Thanks for the share.

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You’re welcome :smile:

Could I privately retrieve the BlackTie one?

hi can get the link for theme the link with wsend are offline .i need theme for my mail server .
thank you

Hi Hardousse

Here is a fresh link (same file):

NOTE: I’ve only tested it on v0.12c. For newer versions, it needs to be adapted. Use it at your own risk !

thank you for the link

It appears to me the default MIAB is built around bootstrap, it should be easy enough just to tweak the CSS or create custom CSS and just add it to the templates file as a style link. I guess you could brand your own MIAB with your own styles and color scheme, without having to upload someone else’s creation.

I’m going to give a go my self. I have some experience with bootstrapping web pages.