New alias / identity from within email account

2 feature requests to consider; however THANK YOU for your time - everything is amazing & I’m so happy.

  1. create new identity (temp or longterm email) that ‘can’ send and receive from within roundcube mail client. Right now we have to use /admin>mail>>identities and then repetitively set up the identity from within the roundcube client for it to send/receive.

  2. automatically create a folder and then a filter for newly setup identity.

I’ve left yahoo to do this endeavor and now that I’ve set things up I was hoping you could one day add the ability to create a identity from within the mail client and not as an admin. For example, I loved how yahoo used disposable email addresses with a prefix (like temp-). i.e. temp-newaccount1@, temp-newaccount2@. The benefits of this is that there are companies who like to BCC you and you don’t know exactly which company sold them your email. When I used yahoo’s disposable emails and filters, it would go to this folder and I could see. Either way the ease of setting them up and managing them would be great - if not, i’m good since you have many other things to manage.

Lastly, thank you @JoshData for the amazing service and all the amazing replies. I’ve just completed my install with a godaddy tld, comodo essential wildcard SSL (my first ever) and a digital ocean droplet (my first ever foray into server’ville) and I’ve never touched linux prior to today. There were some nuances that may help folks out and I will try to write down the steps soon to contribute to the community. Again, when i saw your face all over the forums and github I knew there was someone that cared and that is resonating with everyone else that offers up insights, help and questions. Thanks mail-in-a-box is awesome.

You can use ±style suffixes to create throw-away addresses. See the Mail Instructions page in the control panel. That might take care of it?


Yes, I’m used to the + alias like gmail but the bad thing is you can’t reply from those if needed &/or smarter sites block that + in the entry field and it’s why I went to yahoo from gmail. …no worries and not a big deal - I can go back and forth. thanks again for your time.

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