Need help with redirects

I’m having a hell of a time figuring out how to redirect webpages.

I have,, and

As I understand it we are not supposed to make changes to any of the nginx .conf files, nor can we use php or .htaccess

I have used html and java script redirects in the index.html files, which works kinda of… (depending on what browser the users are using and whether or not they are using a script blocker…)

But the main problem is when users have bookmarked or or etc…

I can’t figure out how to redirect those direct page calls… traffic is down, and my error.log is out of control…

I’d appreciate help on what is the correct way to setup MiaB to only serve mail and redirect all web traffic to the webserver.

You could set an A record to the IP address of your webserver (using Custom DNS of MIAB) and leave the MX record pointing to the MIAB.

Sorry, I meant to add that method to the list. Setting up an A record via the Custom DNS of MiaB causes a break in the certificate chain. And browsers bock at the redirect.

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