Need help Setting up DKIM DMARC and SPF records for mail in a box

Can anyone point me to a guide that shows me a step by step how to setup DKIM DMARC and SPF records viA SSH? Im on mac.

I’ve successfully installed MIAB and everything seems to be working fine just need help with setup DKIM DMARC and SPF records viA SSH

My current setup
Linode VPS where I installed MIAB,
I’m using MIAB with Mailwizz (email marketing application)

I had a good friend help me last time to set this up via MIAB now i’m attempting to do this myself.

Appreciate any advice.

if u followed the miab instructions, everything would be set up for u. go to and you can see the status.

As daveteu says above, if you followed the set up instructions all these should be enabled automatically. Look at the first admin page on your box to see what might still need to be done.

This is assuming you are using MIAB as the DNS. If you need to set up these records on a different DNS (at you domain registrar for example) then see the ‘External DNS’ page on your box. There you will find the settings you need to copy across – record type and the text string you will need to copy.

Hope that makes sense.

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