Need help finishing setting up Mail in a Box

Hello all, we started to setup our first mail in a box email a while ago but never finished, need some help finishing up. I have a domain registered and Ubuntu 22.4 installed at Linode. Kind of stuck at this point. Thank you!

reading is your friend, start here

Yes, thank you I followed this and got to a certain point but stuck at setting up the actual mail boxes. Here is where I am stuck. Because we already have a website for several years at an existing domain and web server, we would like to keep the website there (would take a lot to move due to several databases linked to it). But we would like to have the emails on our own MiaB server. Someone suggested to register a new domain (at Gandi, which I did) and create the actual mail boxes there, however we need the mail addresses to stay the original name with the original domain. How can I setup the mail boxes at the new domain yet have the address the original domain? We would lose a LOT of business if we change the email address to a new domain.

Thank you!

I’ll be free to assist you tomorrow if you’d like. There is absolutely no problem preventing you from accomplishing your goal. I’ll send you a PM.

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