Need help adding certificate to secondary domains

I don’t manage to understand how to add SSL certificates to my secondary domains.

  1. Set up MiaB with domainA, which works fine and has its ssl certificate.
  2. Added domainB, which also sends/receives email but doesnt have SSL certificate. MiaB admin indicates this secondary domain doesn’t have a certificate installed.

Important facts:

  • DomainB is hosted somewhere else, I added it as external DNS.
  • DomainB already has a SSL certificate in that other server, which I am using for these web services.

If I go to MiaB admin and select install certificate, it will ask me to create a new certificate providing me with a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).
As far as I understand, I don’t want to do that, because I already have a certificate in my DomainB site.

Can I import that SSL certificate into MiaB? (if so, how?)
or what exactly should I do to get this secondary domain with TLS inside MiaB?

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

From what you have described, you do not need a certificate for your secondary domains.

The reason is stated in your “Important facts”.

MIAB SSL is ONLY for when MIAB is hosting the web site. If you have it hosted externally you CANNOT get an SSL for it using MIAB admin panel.

You do not need SSL in MIAB for “domainb”, on your other host/server you should do the SSL.

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