Nameserver subdomain


I have become confused and a little frustrated when it comes to setting up the Nameservers and DNS and would like some advice.

I am currently with Namecheap and when I go to add the nameserver records such as it does not allow it and as such only allow

I would to have instead of handle the emails only and point to a different web server.

Could someone please advise.

I think this is just an arbitrary/incorrect limitation in Namecheap’s form. You might contact them and ask them to change it.

The difference between ns1.mail.___ and ns1.___ is, in our case, really arbitrary and doesn’t affect your ability to point the main domain elsewhere. If you just put in, things will probably work just fine, although it won’t be exactly right because it won’t match the DNS info on the server. Because in the general case we don’t know that is something the user can do, we can’t make that the default, so we’re in a tough spot.