Nameserver stopped working?

Hi, here is my setup:

DO droplet running with name of

I had everything up and running last night. This morning the DNS fis not resolving.

I can still access admin panel using ip.address/admin and the status is fully green, no errors/warnings.

However when I ping, or try log into I’m getting no response.

My WHOIS shows the following nameservers:
ns_ip4_01: my_droplet_IP
ns_ip4_02: my_droplet_IP

So it looks like the glue record is correct with the registrar?

I have run the setup process again and also rebooted the droplet.

Where do I start debugging this? Happy to post any further log files or info that may be useful.

EDIT - it’s back up now. Not sure why. Must be something to do with the registrar…

DNS and similar configuration often takes a while to propagate, and you can add to this some servers that propagate slower than others. All in all, it’s best to wait 48 hours or so if you’re having issues, just to let DNS settle down and start to resolve consistently.

I’ve found this propagation checker to be useful, but it’s not a 100% holy grail…


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