Nameserver location: or

Setting up MIAB, all good, just one point of confusion having read the guide a few times. Looking to do things as simply as possible, I initially used the format, then later came across this paragraph:

If you add another domain name to your box later, this section is
repeated for each domain name you associate with your box. All domain names on the box will use the exact same two nameservers. So if you used for your first domain, use exactly the same thing for your second domain name. (You do NOT use, etc.)

So I took that to mean there was some latitude here and for the sake of simplicity changed my nameservers to for the main and additional domains (,, etc.) at the registrar

So far everything seems to be working, although maybe that is just because the changes haven’t propagated yet. I also added the IPv4 and IPv6, A and AAAA records to the custom DNS page.

Is this going to work?

All in all, love this email solution, it’s fantastically well done, down to the last detail. That must have been a huge amount of work to get it all together, many thanks Josh.

really doesnt matter, as long as you can keep track of it.

mine is mx.whatever.tld always, but that is personal preference.