Namecheap DNSSEC

Hello everyone,

I have bought my domain name from namecheap, when I tried to setup dnssec on their website, it goes well, however, on my box DNS resolution stop working.
I will not be able to receive or send email, my entire domain name stop being resolved.
Is this normal?


No. Seemingly either you entered the data incorrectly to NameCheap, or they are somehow publishing it incorrectly. Remove the DNSSEC info from your NameCheap account, wait 24 hours, and try again if you wish to use DNSSEC.

I have done this step more than 3 times, and I am still getting the same results.
I believe they’re publishing it incorrectly, once I enter the DNS sec informations on their website, my domain name resolution stop directly

Judging from the time stamps on the messages here, you have NEVER waited the requisite 24 hours.

@alento Please, I have a PhD, I have already tried this solution even before posting the first message. Either be helpful, or just do not answer, I do not have time to waste.

I have been facing this issue from June, I am not going to ask for help unless I no longer have any solution

So what? You obviously aren’t able to figure out this problem. There is not a reason in the world for you to act the way you are. So, good luck. I am not interested in helping people who act with the arrogance you do.

Oh, people here are not mind readers either. You have never stated what you had done and have not done.

Have a nice day!


It is unwise to come into a forum for help, not post every step you have taken, then admonish people trying to help you because they recommended you take a step you did not post that you had already taken.

You also appear to be posting as if you are experiencing an unsolvable problem, yet many of us are running MiaB installations with DNSSEC up and running using Namecheap as our registrar.

Good luck with your search for a solution.

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You really have some strange issues in your life, instead of believing me in the first place when I said I have tried this solution you have proposed before, you have started directly by saying that I am laying.
I believe the only arrogant here is you when you judge people directly, and this is based on your different answers to others not only to me, please be respectful to others if you want to get treated well, considering that people laying in the first place is extremely disrespectful.

Good luck to you too.

Thanks for your posts,
Please forgive me if it seems that I admonishing people, but If you read the entire conversation, it is clear that @alento is accusing me of lying directly in this forum.
This is not acceptable behavior for new users of MIAB, I have been using the Internet for more than 20 years, it is the first time I see judging what someone posted and accusing of lying, instead of trying to find a convenient solution.
Please have a nice day and a nice weekend.

Holy cow, folks. I’m closing this thread. The last few messages were all out of line. Please think about how you all can avoid escalations like this in the future.