Name server kidnapping?

I started by pointing one of my domains to and set up my email with no problem. I then began adding additional email addresses from 4 other domains by changing the MX records for each through cPanel to point to .

I was having difficulty propagating the MX record changes so reached out to inmotionhosting for help. They said that all my name server records had been changed to . All of my websites are still up and running. Is this a problem? Somehow the systems know where to find the websites, even though they each have different IP addresses.

I’m thinking now that what I should have done was pointed all the name servers to and then pointed web traffic back to inmotionhosting? The problem with that, is that I tried changing the name server setting for one of my Bermuda (.bm) domains and it wouldn’t accept as valid.

Comments and help would be appreciated!

When you’re creating your own nameservers and glue records, some hosts won’t allow you to do so unless they add the server themselves. You may have to ask your registrar to add and as valid nameservers and then the .bm domains would allow you to set these as nameservers.

Is this what you mean?

Thanks for your comments. I have more information now.

In motion hosting claims that when I changed the glue records for, automatically all my domains were changed. Makes no sense to me but I had no choice but to change the glue records back to the way they were and abandon mail-in-a-box for now.