My server is being DDOS'ed seconds after I created it

I set up a new MIB site just moments ago. I see from them mail log that it’s being hammered from Is there anyway to block this attack?

Who is your VPS provider?

Vultr. I’ve already been told I need to handle it myself.

Opinion Alert

From what I am told by my IT professional buddies that handle this stuff all the time, DDoS attacks are usually triggered by and focused on a URL and not directed at a specific IP Address. The attackers are usually snooping for site names they find funny, offensive, or in their current demented mindset. They then track down ip addresses, email addresses, and anything else associated with the offending URL and launch their attacks. Many times they are watching for newly created URLs and then pouncing when something is finally attached to them.

If you cannot control or stop it, maybe try with a different URL.


It’s all good now. I just set up a UFW rule to deny the offending IP