My ports are open, but MiaB System Status Checks disagree

Using the mxtoolbox and port testers, I can see that all of the ports required for MiaB are open, but MiaB reports that none of the mail ports are open.

Why might this be?

MiaB setup configures the needed ports when installing it.

  • To know what ports you have open run:

ufw status verbose

Additionally, some CLOUD server providers enable a NAT, Firewall, Security Group(s) … by default at your Admin panel there then … if that’s your case, just check your allowed ports there match the ones you have allowed in your UFW.

Hope this helps.

@just4t MiaB is otherwise functioning just fine, there is just something that is causing a discrepancy between the system status checker and the actual status.

Note that I am not running on a cloud server and the network has a firewall.

@openletter the firewall on the network is blocking the ports, then. Also, be aware that basically all home internet providers will block out the necessary ports regardless of what you do on your end

@DonaldKBrown. I don’t mean to be rude, but in all seriousness, did you read my post? I stated that the ports are reported open by services outside my local network. Given this statement, how would it be possible that my gateway is blocking those ports?

I also recommend asking questions before stating general things that, as in my case, have nothing to do with me. My ISP does not block any ports.