My MIAB has several IP's and currently MIAB is bound to port 80 and 443 on all of them. Can I fix this?

I’m running a very nonstandard configuration where I have many IP addresses and I want to host a few other microservices on this machine which will require Docker to bind to certain IP’s on port 80 and 443 are there ways that I can make MIAB play well with this somehow?

MIAB was made for use on 1 IP machine, but you can manually modify nginx, postfix, & dovecot configurations to listen specifically on x.x.x.x:80/443.

/etc/nginx/conf.d/local.conf (Port 80 and 443 in here)
/etc/postfix/ (Port 25 and 587 here)

I cannot remember where docecot puts its config.

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Saves the day again! I don’t need the Dovecot config unless it meddles with 80/443 but if we wanted to close the loop at some point we should post the config location for that as well.

The issue is that without knowning the IP it is difficult to script. If you know nothing will change in that file then making the change yourself will be fine.

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One thing to note here is only 1 service can run on any given port per IP address in Linux.

Example: If Apache is listening on then nginx CANNOT. visa-versa. (Although I am sure you knew that, but for others reading the thread.)

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I’m a huge fan of Traefik for that one service per port problem.

That’s a beautiful app.