MX Records question

I just recently transferred my domain name’s registrar. So I’m reconfiguring my entire DNS settings there. But can anyone point me in the right direction here.

The “External DNS” records page states a lot of these MX records. And I get why, but I have no clue what to configure in my DNS settings.

It states MX 0 .
Recommended. Prevents use of this domain name for incoming mail.

But my registrar requires a hostname… It does not accept a dot. Is a zero also valid? It’s a required field and a dot is not sufficient.

Help is much appreciated.

This record is “recommended” but not required. So if your DNS provider can’t accept the record, it is OK to skip it.

Thanks Josh :ok_hand: I’ll just skip it.

Guess I’m just mildly triggered that I cannot configure it :laughing:

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