Mx record not fetching mail

I setup an MX record at pointing to my mail box at which works correctly if I use
dig @ MX +short
However it does not fetch the mail at
What am I doing wrong?


From your message I assume that you want your Mail-in-a-Box to handle email for the domain, while your box lives under
For this to work you need to have control of the domain. Mail-in-a-Box can take care of all the DNS entries, you don’t need to enter any yourself.

  1. Remove the MX record (Mail-in-a-Box will create one if necessary under step 3)
  2. Set the nameserver of the domain to
  3. Add an alias or user using the domain. e.g. This can be found under the Mail & Users menu of the admin panel
  4. Done
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Thanks that works, friend who has email setup with mail smtp with pop and doesnt want to change all the settings.