Muti server/DNS setup

How can i use a second custom / mailinabox dns server?

My setup is currently & that both point to 123.456.789.012.

I know i can add a second external name server but I’d like a second internal one. If i run two instances of mailinabox on different servers and add the second mailinabox as a external name server do i have to manually update dns entries on the second box or will it automatically apply on the second dns server as well?

Unfortunately my host doesn’t seem to allow glue records to be updated so I’d need 4 name servers for the sake of OCD. ns1 / ns2 - 123.456.789.012 and ns3 / ns4 pointing to second server 098.765.432.109.

Mailinabox will not act as a secondary name server, so no.

You really need to add secondary name servers … either by using secondary name server providers such as and others (as puck only offers one pop).

Your host has nothing to do with glue records, that is specifically the job of your domain registrar.

If you by chance registered your domain with Gandi, they offer a complimentary secondary name server which used in combination with puck will give you the three geographically dispersed name servers that you desire.

Oh, and what you are suggesting is ONLY 2 name servers, not 4. You are proposing 4 hostnames pointed to 2 servers.

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