Must issue a STARTTLS command first

i just install interspire email marketer . but where i gives mailinbox smtp . showing this.
A test email has not been successfully sent to the email address 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first

how i can solve this?

Have you followed these instructions when adjusting the settings in your other program?

Manual configuration

Use the following settings when you set up your email on your phone, desktop, or other device:
Option Value
Protocol/Method IMAP
Mail server
IMAP Port 993
IMAP Security SSL or TLS
SMTP Port 587
SMTP Security STARTTLS (“always” or “required”, if prompted)
Username: Your whole email address.
Password: Your mail password.

yes…i do follow this…

when using port 587 to send email you MUST issue helo :hostname:

Use PORT 25 which does not require this.

when i am using 25 port showing this

A test email has not been successfully sent to the email address 554 5.7.1 Relay access denied

oh right, cant do that, does the software you are using support TLS??

@dewdropz You have installed a LE SSL cert or some other cert in your MiaB, correct?

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i don’t understand. Miab means?

i am using interspire email marketer

MIAB = Mail in a box (The server you claim to use)

If you are not using Mail-In-A-Box, you are in the wrong place friend.

i think you not understand… Mail-In-A-Box smtp to setup interspire email marketer. when put Mail-In-A-Box smtp here then showing this error

No, I am afraid it may be you who doesn’t understand … so let’s go over this step by step…

  1. You are somewhere running Interspire Email Marketer, correct?

  2. You have created a Ubuntu 14.04 server somewhere that is dedicated to MiaB and have installed MiaB on it, correct?

If your answer to #2 is no, then I do not understand how you expect to use MiaB … please elaborate.

Now, my question from earlier which needs answered is this … when you set up MiaB, was a LE or some other purchased SSL certificate installed correctly? If it was not, and you are using a self-signed certificate, then the potential fix is on the Interspire Email Marketer forums.

yes… that is correct… 2 is correct…
Interspire Email Marketer is another server
Mail-In-A-Box is in other server…

Ok, so what is the answer to my question?

@alento, please watch your tone.

@dewdropz- Unfortunately this sounds like a problem with Interspire. If you’ve set it up with the SMTP configuration options that Mail-in-a-Box requires (as @alento pasted earlier, SMTP on port 587 with STARTTLS), then you shouldn’t get an error like that and Interspire either has a bug or doesn’t support Mail-in-a-Box’s security requirements.

yes i understand this… but other all smtp are support here… only mail in box smtp not support here… for that i do question here

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