Must I buy a new domain for MIAB on Linode?

Brand new here. I have a bunch of domains all with websites. I want to set up a MIAB server on Linode and use it for some of my domains.

Do I need to go out and buy a brand new domain just for the new mail server. (Of course I will want to use the mail server to get mail sent to my other domains… and send mail from them via my Apple Mail app.)

Or maybe I could use a sub-domain of an existing domain?

I don’t mind buying a stand-alone domain just for mail. Is that what everyone does? That’s what the user guide and video seem to indicate… that we should get some domain that will never be a website ( or something similar.) Is that is what you advise me to do? Is that the easiest way to set this up?

You can use a subdomain of a domain you already own to setup your MIAB, then use Custom DNS to server all the appropriate records to keep the websites running. Using Apple Mail app is no issue.

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