Munin mailqueue graph

please can anyone explain what the munin graph for postfix mailqueue (on my very lightly loaded system) is trying report?


Postfix mailqueue is outgoing mail. The graph shows that there have been 6 emails sent in the timeframe shown. The y-axis scale is “milli mails” or 1/thousandth of a mail, so 1000 milli-mails is one email. The data underneath shows in units of milli-mails as well. Because the time taken to send out the email is greater than the smallest time unit, the max comes to just less than 1000 millimails (1 email), and the average is over the period shown by the graph, so effectively 6000 millimails divided by the total time shown by the graph gives you 12.52 millimails over the time frame shown.

Does that help? If not, let me know!


Thanks very much for that explanation!
With the number of emails in my mailbox, the unit of millimails is unthinkable!!!