Multitail install on MIAB instance multiple logs in 1 terminal

  • Howdy, I have recently discovered a multiple Linux log tail solution.
  • The install is a simple apt-get install multitail
  • In your ubuntu ssh terminal into you MIAB box the following will split the terminal window horizontally w/ a postfix colorizer in the top half and syslog colorizer in the bottom:

sudo multitail -cS postfix -ev "dovecot" -f /var/log/mail.log -cS syslog -ev "dovecot|spampd|postfix|opendkim|postgrey|opendmarc" -f /var/log/syslog

Of course multitail has a lot more features for those more talented MIAB users.

If my install gets blown away on the next upgrade not an issue.

This is mostly FYI to the MIAB users wanting more logging without using up a ton of terminals.

Multitail link

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