Multiple user login

Can I let user login to my admin panel and manage some email?

Should be no problem, you just have to add the admin privileges (Users => “make admin”). Alternatively you can create a new user with admin privileges.

This is a BAD idea in multi-domain setups. You can instead use my PHP script on a different VPS/server:GitHub - mitchellurgero/miab_account_management

My script there is a web app that allows non-admins to administrate ONE domain on a multi-domain setup.


Good point, thanks for the info!

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I use your script but it cannot add domain to my account, and I can’t add user to this panel…

Add the domain to the panel first, then create a user in my script.

How to add domain?
And thanks to your script!!!

Login to the box admin panel (not my script) and just add a new user. It will create the domain for you.

I want to ask how do I add new domain in your script after I have create the domain in the admin panel?

Just register a new user on the login page :slight_smile: it will ask which domain you wanna manage during that.

thank you very much for your script!

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Make sure that once you are done adding new users to the script, that you disable registration!

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