Multiple name servers on multiple MIABs

I have two MIAB for two organizations. My DNS provider does not allow me to have ns1 and ns2 to the same IP address. Is it possible to configure MIAB so that the two servers are NS servers for each other?

ns1.domain1 + ns2.domain2 on server 1
ns2.domain1 + ns1 domain2 on server 2.


I don’t have that much experience with secondary name servers, but I’m just wondering if you are using the MiaB name server, why follow the guidelines of a DNS provider?

@openletter: sometimes you have no choice, for example if the request starts from the TLD Domain Registry: they simple don’t accept two nameservers with the same IP, and they don’t allow you to complete the domain registration process until you state two separate nameservers with different IP…

@sneeble: I had the same problem, solved using the 2 MIABs as primary ns for each domain and using my hosting provider as secondary ns for the 2 domains, this is usualy at no cost (also many registrars gave you this opportunity): you can do this in MIAB under System → Custom DNS and inserting your provider nameserver in in the hostname field, then press update. On your provider DNS console/web page you have to set the domain for whom you ask him to be a secondary nameserver and the IP address/hostname of the primary nameserver (the MIAB one) so he can automatically ask for the zone file of your domain to the MIAB primary nameserver. Wait for the right propagation time.

@everyone: although I solved the same problem I would like, as sneeble, an “all MIAB integrated easy solution”: any hint would be appreciated! Thx


Since MiaB configures itself on a single server, it isn’t clear there can be an “all MiaB integrated easy solution” beyond the already relatively easy method for adding secondary DNS in the dashboard.

Perhaps the closest would be if MiaB detects 2 different IP addresses on the server, it automatically configures those IP addresses as different ns records. But the number of users with two IP addresses assigned to the same server is relatively low, so may not get the attention from a dev to submit a PR.

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My first question is how do you have two different VPS’s running on the same IP? That is not possible, so makes your statement that you have two MiaB for two organizations with the same IP address. So something else is at play here.

Why not run both domains on a single instance of MiaB? Or is there some absolute reason that they have to be run from completely different hardware?

This is actually an issue with a few ccTLD’s not the domain registrars them selves. The “DNS provider” has nothing to do with this. So this begs the question of what is your domain’s TLD?

And for your actual question, sorry the answer is no.


This actually is quite rare … I’d love to know which registrars and hosting providers you are referring to as the only registrar who advertises this is Gandi, and the only host who advertises this is Hetzner (though they claim it isn’t working yet).

There are of course several DNS providers who offer “Secondary DNS” such as ClouDNS, Hurricane Electric, Puck, just to name a few.

Run the MiaB server with a domain that does not have these limitations such as .com, .net, .org, etc. Then the name servers at the registrar can point to the MiaB NS server names as normal.

Perhaps useful for the Dutch around here: offers secondary dns with their domain hosting. Myself I use buddydns, seems to work fine.

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