Multiple mail accounts

I am not a techy so asking for help!
I use macmail. I suspect my mail is slowing down because of the multiple email accounts having to access the servers individually…
Would using Mail-in-a-box help to quicken it up?
If so, is there a simple way to set it up?
If not, is there another solution?

Many thanks for your help

I am not familiar with macmail. A quick google search tells me that it is an email client similar to Thunderbird or Outlook,

That said, Mail-in-a-Box is the mail server software, which is an entirely different thing.

Thank for the response. Macmail is the email client that comes with a mac computer. Do you think that replacing all the mail accounts through Mail in a box will speed up the process?

What you are asking is not relevant. The email has to come from somewhere - that is the mail server and be read somewhere - that is the mail client.

Mail-in-a-Box is a mail server NOT a mail client.

Thanks again. I understand but I thought if all the mail accounts came from one server it would quicken things up.

Migrating your email to ONE account would be ideal.

Can’t to one account, as need to send and receive from individual accounts. Just thought using one server would quicked the process assuming the server is fast!

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