Multiple Domains

Well, I don’t think this is technically call a multiple domain setup, I think it is some sort of domain alias setup or something of that sort. Anyway I have a domain hosted on my mail-in-a-box, then I got,

all I want to do is simply any user at to be forwarded to the users at -->

I got a few other domains that I want to do this for to, so I am looking for the simplest way to do this without making a configuration nightmare that will give me problems in the future or anytime mail-in-a-box gets updated. I want to make it to where my users simply have one inbox that these other alias get forwarded to.

PS sorry I don’t know the technical terminology for this I don’t mess with email servers all that much.


If you log into mail in a box and click the mail menu then select aliases you will see three small buttons.
the button on the right is the domain alias.
Click that and enter in the first box and in the second.

Now all emails sent to the .co will be forwarded to the corresponding mailbox on the .com.

Note, there’s no need to set up mailboxes for the .co but you do need to for the .com

Thank you so much, I knew that there had to be a simple way to do it. I just wasn’t sure what to search for. Thanks for the quick response